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North Country Holiday Bell
  • Overall Length 22 in.
  • 3 Cheerful Tones
  • Peace Windcatcher
  • Semi-Flat Red Finish
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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North Country Wind Bells®

North Country Wind Bells® was established by Jim and May Davidson in the mid-seventies on the coast of Maine. In the small village of Round Pond, Jim, May, family and neighbors started crafting wind bells that echo the distinctive and familiar tones of coastal and harbor bells. For many years, Jim like his neighbors, worked as a lobsterman. He spent countless hours on the water listening to the pounding surf and the constant warning of the bell buoys. Over time, it occurred to him that others may also enjoy the reassuring sound of the bell buoys. He began recording the sounds of the bell and gong buoys where he hauled his lobster traps, and then eagerly sought other bells in the region. After painstakingly working pieces of steel to match the tones, he produced his first set of wind bells. Each wind bell is reminiscent of the magic they experienced in the water.

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