Woodstock Magical Mystery Chime - Space Odyssey

Woodstock Magical Mystery Chime - Space Odyssey

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Woodstock Magical Mystery Chimes feature a musical phenomenon known as Octave Doubling. Here's how it works - you remember the Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do scale from the Sound of Music? The "Do" note that comes at the start and end of this scale are the same note, an octave apart. Notes separated by an octave are considered harmonically equivalent and "ring" together in a way that adds a pleasing sound to the music. Magical Mystery Chimes take this theory to the extreme - all the notes of the chimes are matched with its "octave double". Never before used in windchimes, this special tuning creates a heightening of the harmonics, creating a song that must be heard to be believed.

Space Odyssey Chime is tuned to the intervals of the first notes of the famous symphonic poem, Also sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss, more commonly known as the powerful musical opening to Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The chime-within-a-chime design couples notes in four octaves which exponentially increases the soundscape and quadruples the octave doubling effect!



Average Customer Rating 4.9 5 stars (based on 22 reviews)

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By Bob
From Evans, WV
5 stars Best wind chimes ever
I lost my original space odyssey wind chimes when my house burned. I had those chimes for over 5 years. Best sound, most durable chimes I've ever owned. Replaced them before moving into my new home. Can listen to them for hours. As for this company, the order shipped and arrived much faster than expected. Price was also better than expected.
By James
From Sequim, WA
4 stars Not the sound I hoped for
Was very excited when I found this windchime online. It is well made and was well packed. Good construction as well. Quality materials used throughout. After getting it though...it did not sound like the online clip...so it got sent back.
By Keith
From Salem, SC
5 stars Magical Sound
We love the double octave tones the 12 tubes produce. The magical tones far exceed any other chimes available in our opinion. Packaged well and arrived with no damage.
By Richard
From Huntington Beach, CA
5 stars Excellent quality and unique engineering
Bought the exact model in the past 30 days, so impressed had to get another as a special birthday gift.
By Robert
From Wappingers Falls, NY
5 stars Great product.
Had a small wind chime in the backyard outside my bedroom window for a long time, 10+ years. A few months ago it gave up the ghost and fell apart. I missed having those tones to lull me to sleep so I began my search to replace it. I came across this web site and was immediately intrigued by the Woodstock Magical Mystery Space Odyssey Wind Chime. It turned out to be larger than I expected (Despite reading the dimensions) but it fits perfectly in the location I selected for it and sounds even better than my last wind chime. Very happy with my purchase.
By Alex
From Pomeroy, OH
5 stars Great on all accounts
This chime was shipped quickly packaged carefully and arrived on time. It sounds amazing! Much better in person than on camera. Well worth the cost!
By Ryan
From Denton, TX
5 stars Absolutely stunning!
The combination of the high and low pitches of this chime are absolutely breath-taking! Perfectly tuned, and resonates beautifully. Sounds wonderful outside my window.
By Diana
From N, Little Rock, AR
5 stars So soothing. The chimes are 100%
One of the most enjoyable purchases I have made. I bought it for my next door neighbor so I could enjoy it too.
By Gayle
From Danville, VA
5 stars Excellent product and quick delivery Will order again!
Excellent service and delivery time. Always love the products that I purchase. Will definitely order from this company in the future. Thanks!
By Doug
From West Henrietta, NY
5 stars good wind chime
sounds great! needs a bit more wind than others chimes


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